#Hint2Holt: Give us a hint!

surprise faceWe love giving unforgettable service, wow moments and going the extra mile for our guests. But it´s sometimes hard coming up with ways to do exactly that. That´s why we´ve thought of a new way you can help us wow you! Let´s call it #Hint2Holt.

If you take a picture or write a text in social media or even just send us an e-mail or join the 24/7 live chat on our website and use the hashtag “Hint2Holt”, we will do our utmost to take that hint and turn it into something nice that will make you smile when you arrive or if you are already in the hotel, when you get back from an excursion or meeting.

Please remember that if your username has no connection to your real name, we might have trouble attributing your hint to yourself so in some cases it might be prudent to add your last name or full name in a hashtag along with the #Hint2Holt one. That way, we can really go for it!

Hopefully we can have some fun with this together!

Of course, we would like to use this opportunity to remind you of all our social media connections where we will be looking for this hashtag.


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