About us

Hotel Holt has been a leader in hospitality and culinary excellence in Iceland since opening in 1965. This quaint hotel just a few minutes walk from the center of Reykjavik is dedicated to helping you make memories. Meet our team:

Snorri Valsson-Hotel Manager

Snorri has been with Hotel Holt for almost 4 years now and moved from being night auditor to front desk agent to Front Office and Reservations Manager and now, Hotel Manager. Before that, he studied Hospitality in Switzerland and worked at first class hotels in England, Thailand and the USA.

Sverrir V. Hermannsson-Front Office Manager

Sverrir has been at the hotel since November 2010 and got the promotion from guest service agent to Front Office Manager without a fight when Snorri took over as Hotel Manager. Sverrir has worked in guest service at Keflavík Airport and in the food and beverage industry. He has proved himself a dedicated leader of the Front Office team, efficiently taking care of every issue that comes up and helping the team take excellent care of each of our guests.

Sara Dögg Ólafsdóttir-Service Manager

Sara takes care of all the bookings and correspondance for Gallery Restaurant and Viðeyjarstofa, which is the café and banquetting area of Viðey Island, only a 5 minute boat ride from Reykjavík. Sara is happy to deal with your queries regarding restaurant bookings, wedding parties, wine tastings and anything else you can imagine doing with our help. She can be contacted at sara(at)holt.is

Front Desk Team:

Sara J.-Front Desk Agent

Sara V.-Front Desk Agent

Anne Vik-Front Desk Agent (Night Shift)

Ófeigur Ragnarson-Front Desk Agent (Night Shift)


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