Iceland´s Funniest 5 People- 5th Place: Laddi

ImageThe Man of a Million Characters:

Laddi, or Þórhallur Sigurðsson, as nobody recognizes him as, has been one of Iceland´s most beloved comedians for the last 30 years. In his 60´s now, he has slowed down somewhat after selling out his one man show for months, celebrating his 60th birthday by sharing all his personalities with the Icelandic people. He is one of few people that Icelanders of all ages will recognize if you mention his name.

Laddi is known as a direct comedian. His personality is not well known and he does not pour much of it into his character. His performances are usually very flamboyant and consuming so you will not hear him lashing out on Twitter about anything or complaining on a talk show about anything. He is the opposite of the types he plays.

Although you will not understand much of what he is saying, I´m sure you will see the range of his talent from these samples of his work:

Salomon Gustafsson, the Swedish alcoholic, trying to get sober in Iceland of all places, loses his suitcase and apparently his mind when he meets Stella in Stella í Orlofi, an 80´s comedy favorite.

-Laddi was the voice of all the Smurfs when the cartoon first reached Iceland.

-In drag, the fabulous Laddi as Elsa Lund, an aggressive cougar from the Faroe Islands, infiltrates the Hemmi Gunn show, the Icelandic version of the Jay Leno show.

As Dr. Saxi in Heilsbælið, Laddi is a perverted high strung doctor, manipulating patience and showing a complete disregard for common decensy.