Ítalía: The ONLY Italian in town

Impressive entrance

Impressive entrance

Me and Sverrir, our Guest Service Manager, make the 3 minute stroll from the hotel to the main street a couple of times each week to enjoy lunch away from work. A few weeks ago, we decided to splurge on what is considered a nice/expensive casual restaurant in Ítalía Restaurant. This is pretty much the first place pizza was served in Iceland when it was opened over a quarter of a century ago. And the interior has basically stayed the same the whole time, even after a serious fire, they simply re-did what had always worked. In a city where the restaurant business is fierce and things change all the time, it is comforting to know some things just stay good.

Ítalía is known for excellent pasta dishes with fantastic sauce and wood oven pizzas besides the intimate or cozy atmosphere in booths dedicated to cities in Italy. What we were not told when we sat down for lunch on the first work day those weeks ago, is that Ítalía offers 50% off all food items on the menu during lunch hours on weekdays! Not only is that great value, it´s keeping things simple for that time of day. No exceptions. You can have a fantastic pizza, the way it was meant to be enjoyed for a mere 1350isk (approx 11usd). In downtown Reykjavík at a atmospheric restaurant, that is fantastic value.

Needless to say, in the last few weeks, we have enjoyed a meal there at least once a week. Even when you double the prices for a date in the evening, you will not regret giving these guys a try. They are worth it for lunch or dinner.

Ítalía is located only 5 minutes walk from the hotel. Just take a right towards the main street and when you reach it, look 20 meters to your left and there it is. The front looks like it was imported in one piece from Florence, unmistakably Ítalían and simply open 11:30am to 11:30pm EVERYDAY!